Carers Break is a form of ‘Social Enterprise’ known as a ‘Community Interest Company’

Simply put, it means that all our activities have to benefit the Community. That includes both the day to day services that we provide along with how we spend some of our surpluses.

In the past we have demonstrated this by funding a course for Carers run by award winning Social Enterprise ‘Promas-Caring for people’ CIC and  we have sponsored the Moments café and dementia hub in Plymouth City Centre run by Memory Matters SW CIC to the tune of almost £4000. In addition to this we continue to pursue any means by which we can improve the terms and conditions for our staff.
As we grow , we develop and innovate. We have re-invested a great deal of funds  in a bespoke, state of the art care planning system that integrates very detailed client care planning, staff records and availability, Satellite based technology for staff lone working monitoring and client feedback.
Further to this we are currently looking at various staff benefit schemes that will further enhance the overall package we offer all our staff.

Along with our ‘Social Value’ and the incalculable benefit we provide to all our clients and their families we also create ‘ADDED VALUE’.

Not only are we constantly striving toward excellence in all our services but one of our key aims is to be a vehicle for positive change and to lead by example.

Whether it is through research programmes investigating how we can design services to benefit informal carers, creating innovative ‘pilot’ programmes to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, designing evermore effective methods of working with technology or developing methods that help us engage more effectively with those individuals to whom we provide care and support. Carers Break is on a journey of constant improvement and pursuit of outstanding care.

Currently we are represented on several initiatives such as Resec (Research in Specialist &  elderly care), Proud to Care (Cornwall)  and Cornwall’s ‘End of Life’ steering group.