“…Providing relevant, effective and holistic care in the most personalised and innovative way…”

Carers Break is a Community Interest Company which is a form of Social Enterprise.

Social enterprises trade and tackle problems, improve and support communities, the environment and makes a difference to people’s lives. They make money from selling goods and services in the open market and then reinvest their profits back into the business and the local community – when social enterprises profit, society profits.

At Carers Break, we provide a whole range of tailored services which benefits the community we serve. We also aim to ‘Add Value’ by using some of our surpluses to benefit the Community in several ways. Working with other organisations, we provide and support services that will directly improve the health and wellbeing of the Carer and the ‘Cared for’.

We will always aim, where possible, to use social enterprise based suppliers and commission services from organisations and companies that can clearly demonstrate social value.

Minimum 2 Hour Support Sessions

Here at Carers Break we believe that 15, 30 or even 45 minutes are never enough to provide quality care to our elderly and vulnerable families in Cornwall.

Therefore, we have set our minimum level of support time to 2 hours. We believe that it’s important to get to know the people we care for, understand their needs, listen to their wishes and hear how they would like to be cared for. In addition to this we believe our staff deserve the opportunity and the time to care for people without worrying about the clock.

Continuity Of Support Throughout

You or your loved one will have the benefit of a small specialist team that provides all your support.

Carers Break respect your dignity and as such ensure that there is continuity of care by the same professional Carers.

This also ensures that your loved one can relax in the knowledge that the person coming into their home is well known to them and understands their care and support needs well.

Excellent Night Care Service

The night support service that we provide is possibly the most comprehensive and highest quality service of its kind anywhere in Cornwall.

Our Compassionate and highly trained Support workers will provide everything you need to ensure that you and your family have as restful a night as is possible.

Usually starting at 10pm though until 7am, our Care and support workers will be awake, watching, protecting and providing for every aspect of your required care in the way that you have personally requested.

These times can be changed by prior arrangement.

If you live anywhere between Launceston and Land’s End, we will do our best to help. Our substantial and growing team of Community Support Workers are embedded all over Cornwall.

You are never far from one of our staff. We are a County Wide Service and can respond to enquiries wherever you live in Cornwall.


Our Vision

• Carers Break will provide the most relevant, effective and holistic care in the most personalised and innovative way.

• Carers Break will present the NHS with a cost effective, professional solution for patients who wish to be cared for at home.

  • Carers Break will always aim to be a great employer providing great services.


Mission Statement

Carers Break will always ensure activities provide benefits to vulnerable people, by reason of ill health, disability or other disadvantages by providing care and support packages. These enable social inclusiveness, reduce isolation and improve emotional and physical health and wellbeing of the individual.


Care Quality Commission

As a care provider we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Our registration number is 1-913805502