Carers Break offers a whole range services to suit your needs. Below is not an exhaustive list of support services we can provide, we will work together to create a personal and supportive plan which suits your specific needs.

Day Support (minimum of 2 hours)     |     Night support (minimum of 9 hours)

Support after hospital discharge

We can support you with your hospital discharge by taking you home, making sure that you have enough supplies, the heating is on and take care of any personal care needs once home.

Attending appointments or social activity

For example: Medical or other appointments, Social events such as bowling, swimming, sightseeing, shopping or any other activities.

Taking a break from your caring role

Enabling you to have time for yourself whether to carry out general household tasks, attend an appointment or to have some quality ‘me’ time.


Support could be in the morning, when you go to bed, attending swimming sessions or hospital appointments.


We can support you to carry out your shopping or do this on your behalf making sure that we carefully select the items you have chosen.

End of life care

We will support you through to the final stages helping you to be comfortable and providing practical and emotional support to you and your loved ones.

Taking medication

If you require gentle reminders to take your medications or to administering this on your behalf.


Staff will be with you to help you engage in your favourite activities, to reassure you or simply be there for you as a moral, emotional and physical support.

Palliative Care

Providing support to those who have life limiting conditions to improve quality of life for both the ‘Cared For’ and their Carers.

Domestic support

For example: washing and drying your laundry, changing your bedding, ‘hoovering’ and cleaning your bathroom. Putting out your refuse or feeding your pets and garden visitors.