Every adult should have a Will.  Without one the law decides who inherits your estate and this can be a very long, expensive and painful process for your family.  With a Will you decide.  It is your estate after all!

None of us know what is round the corner and if you leave it until you need it, it will be too late.  So let us help you to get it done.

At Carers Break we work with McClure Solicitors who have been preparing Wills since 1853 – so they know what they are doing!  They prepare thousands of Wills each year, so you are in good hands and best of all the service is currently absolutely FREE!  All we ask is that you consider a donation – so now you can sort out your future and support a charity – good feelings all round!

To take up this offer or to find out more, please call McClure on FREEPHONE 0800 852 1999 or email contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk quoting [Carers Break]

Already have a Will?  McClure also offers a FREE Will Review Service.

Alternatively you can call us on [01726 890828] and ask for Reuben

Free Will Review

You may well have a will already and chances are that it was written many years ago and like most of us, things have probably changed since it was written. Even if everything has remained the same it is still a good idea to get it checked over to ensure everything that you want to happen will happen in the way that you now want it to.

Why should I have my Will reviewed?

  • Research shows that 1 in 4 Wills are defective or of poor quality
  • Your circumstances may have changed
  • You may have had children or even grandchildren
  • You’ve changed your mind as to who should benefit
  • A Will only directs where your assets go when you die.  Not where they will end up.  There’s quite a difference.

Why should I do it now?

Quite simply, if you leave it until you die, it will be too late and remember, not only is the review FREE but if you need a new will written that will also be FREE!

At Carers Break we work with McClure Solicitors who prepare thousands of Wills each year.  With their extensive experience, they see many Wills with errors and know the problems that can arise from them.  McClure Solicitors will review your Will for FREE!  And if you need a new Will, they will prepare a new one for you, also free of charge (we just ask that you consider a donation to the Charity).  With an offer as great as that, it makes sense to have your Will reviewed.

For more information or to book a review, please call McClure Solicitors on Freephone 0800 852 1999 and state (Carers Break) to receive this FREE offer quoting Carers Break

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which appoints someone to act for you if you become unable to make decisions or manage your affairs.

With more of us living longer these days, more of us become unable to manage our affairs.  Without an LPA, your family may need to go to Court.  This can cause lots of hassle, delay and expense.  If you leave it until you need it, it will be too late!

At Carers Break we work with McClure Solicitors, who prepare thousands of Powers of Attorney each year and have a wealth of experience in this field.  Additionally McClure Solicitors safeguards your wishes by allowing you to keep control, which can include a caveat.  This means that even if the LPA is signed and registered, no-one can use it until you say so.

“McClure Solicitors are currently offering Carers Break  clients a special price deal on financial LPA’s (only £199).  In addition if you take out an LPA with McClure Solicitors, they will even include a Welfare Power of Attorney for FREE, which saves you £521!”

For more information, contact McClure Solicitors on Freephone 0800 852 1999 or email contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk and state Carers Break to claim your discounts.