At Carers Break we strongly believe that when entering your home we are privileged to do so

We will always respect you, your beliefs, your property and belongings and the people that are important to you.


Respect and protection of dignity

We understand that we are supporting you when you may feel at your most vulnerable and take every step to reduce your vulnerability, ensuring that your dignity is maintained and that your choices are respected.


Personal support plan to meet your needs

Carers Break will visit your home and consult with you to design how you would like to be supported and then provide you with your personal support plan. This will be reviewed on a regular basis and will be updated when any changes occur.  As part of our re-investment toward constant improvement, we utilise a first class Care planning system that allows us to update your care plan daily to reflect your needs and wishes in real time. Every detail is considered and every question is asked to ensure you are cared for the way you would like. Our excellent team of workers feedback to your care-plan, often while still at your home and any changes that need to be made are implemented immediately. When we visit you, we will ascertain your needs, personal choices and preferences and match a support worker to compliment your support plan.

We aim to provide you with the same support worker or small team of support workers so that you get to know each other, professionally of course. We strongly believe that having the same worker/workers will enable you to have the best support, thus improving your emotional health and wellbeing. We also listened to people who use our service, who say they prefer to have the same support workers providing personal care and support to them as they feel vulnerable having strangers carrying out this care.

Relationship matters – If is important to you then it is important to us.


Flexible service

We also provide a flexible service to meet your individual needs. You can purchase our service on a regular basis or as and when you would like, whatever you decide suits you, we will do our best to meet your needs. Remember we are here for you and not the other way around.


Efficient recruitment procedure and training

Here at Carers Break we only want to employ Great People with Great Values. People with big hearts and an abundance of empathy.

Carers Break ensures that all its staff go through a rigorous recruitment procedure when attending interviews. We ensure that all applicants are checked against the Police and Barring Data and references are taken up prior to appointment. Throughout employment with us regular Police and Barring checks are made, along with supervisions and direct observations. Training is provided throughout employment with us and is an important part of the role. Specialist and condition specific training is also sourced from the very best training providers to ensure that all our staff are able to provided the very best quality of care to all the people we care for.We believe in Carers Break that every day is a learning day and there is always something new to learn. We can always improve.

At Carers Break we also strongly believe that confidentiality is important and that your personal information is not shared with anybody who does not need to know. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and believe it is our responsibility to comply with the appropriate Data Privacy Laws. We maintain secure offices and all staff are trained in this and work to confidentiality rules.