During the early period of growth, we sought advice from a wide range of ‘experts’ in the Health and Care sector who we believe have been able to contribute to how we design and develop the services we provide.

We believe that we cannot and should not do what is right in our own eyes only, but that we should get objective independent perspectives from outside of our walls. Therefore, we developed our ‘Council of Reference’.

This body of sector representatives met periodically to discuss the various aspects of services that we provide and means by which we could become ever more relevant and effective.

We consulted with a diverse  group that ranged from serving politicians to Community Support workers, Sector leaders to service users.

Although we have certainly valued and highly respected our previous contributors, we believe that in line with the Care Act 2014, we are now moving toward consulting more directly with the true experts- our clients and their Carers.

We are currently developing a new model of Consultation which will allow us as a Care provider to consult with the people that we care for and their families more directly. We also engage with staff via our Employee satisfaction questionnaire.

During 2017 we  commenced a programme of Quality Assurance ‘Field Visits’. One of the Directors of Carers Break meets in person with the individuals we look after, along with their closest family members. At these informal meetings, together, they discuss openly the quality of the care provided, how and when care is given, what changes could be made to improve on their experience of how care and support is received, what could be introduced to their Care and Support that would make their lives a little easier, more comfortable and more practical as a whole family. This can include time changes, staff changes, routines and additional support measures that, often, are reviewed with the clinicians and commissioners who secured our services. This approach is helping us to identify those previously missed tweaks and adjustments that make a massive difference to the health and wellbeing of the person we are caring for and their Carers at home.

After the visit, the team at Carers Break meet to discuss the findings and any changes that can be made are put into place as soon as possible. A report is sent to the individuals we care for and we make ourselves fully accountable to them with a date set by which time we would like to see the changes implemented.
We firmly believe that the true experts in any condition requiring Care and Support is the person receiving that care and the family of Carers around them.