Live In Support

Carers Break can tailor a ‘Live in Support’ package that is designed around you. We will consult with you and your Carer to create a support package that is relevant and effective to suit your needs and your lifestyle choices.

Our aim is to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your independence is maintained as much as possible. Working together, we will ensure that your dignity, mobility, social life, independence and personal lifestyle are protected to ensure that the Health and Wellbeing of you and your Carers is maintained or improved at all times. Our staff will be on hand 24 hrs a day to ensure your safety and personal care are protected. Everything from preparing wholesome, nutritious tasty meals, assisting you to look after the cleanliness of your home and garden to supporting you to live as full a life as you wish to live both socially and educationally. If you are looking for a ‘Live in’ support package, contact us to arrange a home visit to discuss the details of your requirements.