Day Support

Day support can be purchased with a minimum of 2 hours

During this time staff will support you with your personal care and social needs and will ensure that the best quality support is provided to you and your carer should there be anyone else living at home. Staff will accurately record all activities and will record any changes that may affect the support you require so that your plan of care can be adjusted to meet your needs. We will not rush you nor will we expect you to receive anything less than the best care at all times.

There are many reasons why our clients require day support ranging from someone to provide companionship and watch movies together, a mobile companion to take you to that favorite beauty spot or someone just to keep a ‘watchful eye’ while your ‘loved one’ takes a well earned break.

Of course, there are many of our clients and their families who benefit from the professional, highly trained Community support workers who can provide every aspect of personal care required by someone with complex life limiting illnesses.

Whatever your requirements and whatever your circumstances, we are very well placed to provide the best care available for you and your loved ones.