For most people the adventure of leaving Mum and Dad’s nest to find independence is an exciting and memorable time. Moving into your first home away from the controlling eye of parents is for many a ‘right of passage’ to be embraced. For Sophie, however, this simple desire has become one of her most challenging and traumatic times so far. Although living with a complex life limiting condition from birth, Sophie in the last year or so has made the massive leap of faith to live in her own flat with a team of Care and support staff that assist her in every way possible. Whether it’s eating, drinking, medication management, social life, exercising, day trips, pop concerts, shows , award ceremonies or all her personal care and support , Sophie is never alone.

Despite every effort made by Sophie’s parents, friends, support staff and Carers Break, using Job centres, recruitment events, Social Media, Job Posts and a myriad of telephone calls with a host of personal and business contacts, Sophie still finds herself struggling to recruit enough support to ensure that her independence can be maintained consistently.

The Health and Social Care sector is currently experiencing unprecedented challenges in terms of supply and demand. The demographics of mortality and morbidity, growing population, increasing life expectancy and a depletion in people of  ‘working age’ in Cornwall add to the already challenging recent negative image of the sector. This ‘perfect storm’ has a direct and lasting impact on the most vulnerable in our society, like Sophie.

 In a Country that claims that we are judged by how we treat the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us, Sophie and Carers Break have worked together to create this film to promote her desire for an independent life. Having exhausted all other avenues in the pursuit of gaining independence for Sophie -Is promotional filming the way forward? Watch this space.