The Team

Tina Darrock – Director

Tina is both a founder Director of Carers Break Community Interest Company and the ‘Registered Manager’ of the Service.

Tina has over seventeen years’ experience of working in the Care sector and has worked at every level within the ‘Care in the Community’ service delivery. Working her way up from Care Support Worker, to becoming the Registered Manager of a County wide operation. Tina has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that the quality of care, training and operational aspects of Carers Break are market leading. Her eye for detail and the highest standards continues to prove invaluable as Carers Break strive to become the highest quality care provider in Cornwall.

“My first experience of being a care worker with another organisation, many years ago, has stayed with me to this day – I remember being introduced to a lady who at that time was sat on her toilet – a very personal time. This lady saw me, yet another new face to add to the list of different faces she had seen that week, and at that time she broke down in tears. She said to me, “My dear it’s not because of you I am crying, it’s because I do not want to have yet another new person doing my personal care. I have seen so many different carers and I do not like it”. This experience of seeing this vulnerable lady being introduced to yet another carer has inspired me to provide a service that not only is personal to the individual but also provides continuity of care worker”.

Reuben Jenkins – Director

Reuben is both a founder Director of Carers Break Community Interest Company and the ‘Responsible Person’ for the service.

Reuben has worked in the third sector for several years having been Business Development Manager and Operations Manager within Charitable Organisations both in Wales and Cornwall. His experience is wide ranging and he has expert skills as a communicator, motivator and inspirational speaker. With a very positive approach to life and work, Reuben believes that ‘people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care’. Reuben is an active member of Cornwall Charity Club and is the current Secretary for RESEC Cornwall. His networking expertise has opened doors for Carers Break to work with KCCG, CRCC, Falmouth University, Care Right Now and Academic Health and Science Network on innovative solutions in Health and Social Care.

“I believe that we can positively change the reputation of care in this country by adopting a holistic approach to everything we do. Our Mission is to improve the lives of the people we care for and their families in the most effective and relevant ways we can. We are a Company with a huge heart. The team here do it as an extension of who they are, rather than an expression of what they do”“Carers  Break is a powerful vehicle for change in this sector. We believe in excellence as the foundation of all that we do.”

Kim Seymour – Lead Co-ordinator

Kim has worked in the care sector for 20 years and has vast experience in providing personalised support to the community.

Kim’s career has been wide ranging starting as a Care Support Worker, progressing to a Senior Carer in a Nursing home, then becoming a Manager of a Care Agency. Kim also gained many years’ experience of providing and co-ordinating Domiciliary Care within an established Care Agency in Cornwall, before joining our team last year.


“I decided to join Carers Break Community Interest Company as I want to be part of an organisation that provides exceptional quality care and support that makes a difference to peoples’ lives. Carers Break also invests in all its staff, providing flexible working arrangements, career opportunities and a positive encouraging environment, which I welcome”.
Kim is a great asset to Carers Break and a significant support to the leadership team.


Toni Martin-Co-ordinator

Toni is our most recent addition to the team and has quickly become a valuable asset to Carers Break.

With a background in Customer Services in the retail sector, Toni made the decision to work in a more caring role and secured a position working in an  EMI unit (elderly mentally ill) as a care worker.

“This was not the happiest experience and the way in which clients were treated and addressed went against my personal values of Dignity, Respect and Equality.”

Toni worked for the NHS for 14 years working in a variety of roles. “I gained much experience with ward work. I was part of the outpatient’s team dealing with busy clinics and nursing duties. My favourite time was working in the minor injuries unit. I  Worked with a great team, it was a dynamic role that each shift offered new challenges,  a need for compassion and Support to patients and families.”

Toni’s evident people skills and professional approach along with a huge heart for caring and supporting vulnerable people is proving to be a great fit at Carers Break.

“It’s a role I’m growing into and get much enjoyment from along with a great deal of job satisfaction, knowing I am a part of a support network helping the vulnerable stay at home and enjoy a better quality of life”

Toni is also a qualified massage and beauty therapist and volunteers at her local Rugby Club having previously spent time as their pitch side physio’.