Research & Pilot projects

Out of Hours Pilot

Between the end of February 2015 and the end of August 2015 and more recently between Dec 2015 and March 2016 Carers Break, working with Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, designed and delivered a very successful and innovative out of hours response service.

Working with a small but very effective team of highly professional Care support workers, the organisation responds to paramedics, Out of hours GP’s and Out of hours District Nurses among other Health departments across the whole County.

Working together, the operation was designed to reduce unnecessary acute hospital admissions.

This goal is being achieved and detailed data captured during the pilot reveals that this fantastic and very effective service not only reduces hospital bed admissions substantially, but it is also estimated by NHS costing data that the Acute Trust can save in excess of £30k per month.

Carers Break will be aiming to create and deliver this service as a sustainable model during the coming months.

Carers  Health and Wellbeing research and Healthwatch Cornwall

Statistics inform us that there are currently in excess of 65,000 Carers in Cornwall. These are unpaid, unofficial Carers that care and support their family, friends and neighbours in a multitude of ways. Many of these wonderful people are reluctant heroes and perform the role because they feel a sense of responsibility and/or duty as well as love and empathy for the people they care for.

However, anecdotal evidence and our own experience shows us that the great majority of these amazing carers suffer a significant reduction in their own Health & Wellbeing as a direct result of performing this role, often becoming the next tier of ‘Cared For’ individuals.

In response to this, Carers Break wishes to be a significant part of the solution to increase the support available for Carers, approached Healthwatch Cornwall and asked if they would support a research programme that asked the following question-

‘What are the key factors that negatively impact on the Health & Wellbeing of Carers as a direct result of that role?’

Working with Healthwatch Cornwall and other significant Care related organisations in Cornwall, we are gathering data and information that will enable us to more effectively design and deliver more effective and relevant services.

Carers Starter Pack

We have an ageing and growing population both in Cornwall and the rest of the UK and a significant increase in Dementia, Diabetes and many other life limiting illnesses. At the same time we are seeing dramatically reduced resources for Health and Social Care  and a Healthcare system straining at the seams. We believe that this will lead to an increase in Carers across the County in the next few years. Every Carer is at some point a ‘First time Carer’. Negotiating the maze of information, care pathways, funding and health departments is always a massive challenge. Coupled with the often devastating reality of a partner or parent who has been diagnosed with a life limiting or terminal illness, the prospect seems mountainous.

Working with Healthwatch, Promas, Cornwall Carers Service, Memory Matters and several other significant support organisations in the County, we will shortly be undertaking definitive research into the development of a Carers Starter Pack. This will be exploring the vital emotional, practical and informational tools necessary for a first time Carer.