About Us

Carers Break is a Community Interest Company which is a form of Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community. And so when they profit, society profits

In our case the services that we provide benefit the community in which we serve. However, we also aim to ‘Add Value’ by using some of our surpluses to benefit our clients in several ways. We are currently working with several organisations to provide services that will directly improve the Health and wellbeing of the Carer and the ‘Cared for’. We will always aim, where possible, to use Social Enterprise based suppliers and commission services from organisations and Companies that can clearly demonstrate Social Value.

Vision Statement

We will provide the most Relevant, Effective and Holistic care in the most personalised  and innovative way.
We will present the NHS with a cost effective, professional solution for patients who wish to be cared for at home.
We will conduct meaningful  research into the key factors that erode the Health and Wellbeing of Carers and find sustainable solutions that reverse this effect.

Mission Statement

The Companies activities will provide benefits to vulnerable people, by reason of ill health, disability or other disadvantages by providing care and support packages that enable social inclusiveness, reduce isolation and improve emotional and physical health and wellbeing of the individual.

Care Quality Commission

As a Care provider we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Our registration number is 1-913805502